POPSMASH: Why we started with a Shopify app 🚀

Our AI app, POPSMASH, is now live for Shopify stores! It helps Shopify merchants give product recommendations and personalize marketing 100X faster than competitors, thanks to AI.

We’re starting with Shopify before expanding to all other platforms to support all products and services. But why?

Why Shopify?

Shopify is a well-defined ecosystem with a mature marketplace that will allow us to target our ideal customers quickly and easily.

This will enable us to iterate quickly to find PMF. If we can’t win there, we’ll know we’re not good enough early. But when we do win there (and we will), we’ll have a refined, battle-tested product to expand to other platforms and industries.

How do I know we can scale to other platforms and industries? Because anywhere there’s a buying decision, we have an opportunity to help companies (C1) sell more and make buying easier for consumers (C2).

And by learning how to help companies sell, and consumers buy, we get more data to improve our AI, which further improves our offering in a virtuous cycle.

So…what is it?

A deceptively simple solution…

I showed a friend a demo, and he mentioned that it seemed really simple. And that’s the point! 🎯

Believe it or not, creating product recommendation quizzes takes hours, days, and even weeks for complex products using existing solutions. And some competitors even charge $100k/year. Nuts, right?

…to a hard & valuable problem

Why was this so hard with existing solutions? Because you must first manually review your products and decide how to relate them to each other. And that’s where the fun begins…

Then you have to write the questions.

Then write answers to those questions.

Then manually map all answers and answer combinations (which can be in the thousands) to products.

So, if a customer answers X to this question and Y to that question, they get this recommendation. But if they answer Z, then they get this other one instead, and so on.

Not only does it take long, but it’s also inefficient. It results in quizzes with many questions, which leads to higher drop-offs and lower conversions.

Oh, and you must redo your quiz any time your products change! 😱

But…why? 🤔

So, why would any brand endure this level of pain for a product recommendation quiz?


It’s the same reason retain stores have sales reps: to help customers make buying decisions and drive sales.

The difference is that in a store, you have a physical presence (salespeople are expensive, but they work!). But online, you can’t do that. People hate chatbots but love taking quizzes—and the performance results show it.

For example, results vary by industry, but a typical brand could expect these kinds of numbers from a product recommendation quiz:

  • 40%+ opt-in rates
  • 10%+ conversion rates
  • 20%+ AOV increase
  • 10%+ revenue increase

Nuts, right?

Unfortunately, these quizzes are a big investment, so they are underutilized (non-consumption). Those who do use them usually have only one or two.

But what if a brand could have dozens or hundreds? Since they take minutes to make, what if they had them for every product collection, social post, holiday, etc., to drive even more sales?

We’re leveraging a proven approach while significantly reducing the barrier to entry. This will also expand the market (targeting non-consumption) and enable new behaviors (using quizzes for more things).

A better way 💡

So, how does it work? Our POPSMASH app uses AI to generate short, highly accurate quizzes in minutes. Here’s a 60-second demo:

Demo of how apparel brands on Shopify can get 8% CVR on collection pages in minutes

It seems simple, right? If only you could see the AI magic under the hood! ✨

The demo does not show the performance metrics, tags, and other proprietary data we use to help merchants drive sales and personalize their marketing.

This is just our MVP, and there’s so much more to come 🚀

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